Micro Absorbante Towel with Home Button

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This Ultra Absorbent towel with a fastener button allows you to dry your hair in record time independently.

Why should we no longer use the hairdryer?

The use of hairdryers causes damageespecially in relation to our skin. Heat and hair don't mix. It is always recommended to do a natural dryingto use a "brushing".

If you don't use it properly or that you use it often, this type of device can damage your hair and lifts the cuticles. On top of that, it dries your hair completely, resulting in a loss of cuticles.

In addition the price of this kind of material Is High compared to other accessories. Less economical, this device spends more electricity.


More sweetness, More shine, less breakage and forks

The first advantage of this withdrawal: sweetness! Stopping the hairdryerYou're going to have a soft side improvementand this from the first time. The tips and lengths will no longer be dry as they might have been in the past. To the touch, the hair is significantly softer, this comes directly from the hairdryer shutdown. 

Dehydrated hair means dull hair. If your hair is good HydratedThey will shineeasier, because the scales will be smoothAnd will reflect the light more. The hairdryerdamages hair along Term. Necessarily hairdryer causes dehydration. Even when used at low temperature, or on cold air, it does damage, contrary to what the manufacturers want you to believe. Drying your hair naturally keeps it strong


 Easy to use

  1. Place the Microfibre towel on your wet hair, the button facing back.
  2. Bend your head and wrap your hair in the towel.
  3. Lift the twisted end of the towel up and above the head and button at the back.